Highlighted Projects

Sunset Boulevard Pedestrian Signals, San Francisco, CA

Installation of pedestrian countdown signals, traffic signal modifications, curb ramp construction, paving, and traffic routing along San Francisco's Sunset Boulevard.

Security Lighting at Pier 80, Port of San Francisco

Construction of high mast pole and security lighting, maintenance lighting, installation of conduit, pull boxes, and wiring.

Broadway Streetscape, San Francisco, CA

Installation of decorative street lighting and traffic signals.

St. Francis Circle Rail Replacement Project, San Francisco, CA

Traffic signal systems, pole & foundation, street lighting, and temporary signal work.


Contract 60 New Traffic Signals, San Francisco, CA

Installation of new traffic signals, poles, conduits, pull boxes, wiring, signal faces, mounting assemblies, controllers, interconnect cable, traffic routing, and curb ramps.

Van Ness Corridor - Franklin Street Project, San Francisco, CA

Traffic signal upgrades, installation of traffic signals, variable message signs, wires, pull boxes, conduit, and construction of curb ramps.

Various Locations Curb Ramp Construction, San Francisco, CA

Construction of ADA compliant curb ramps in various locations, including preparation and submittals of shop drawings, and traffic routing.

Jefferson Street Improvements, San Francisco, CA

Installation of street lighting, pole, traffic signal, including pull boxes, conduit, and traffic routing

Homestead Road and Kiely Boulevard Traffic Signal Interconnect and Coordination Project, Santa Clara, CA

Replacement of existing traffic signal controller cabinets, installation of new traffic signal service cabinets, traffic signal communication conduits, pull boxes, and fiber optic cables.




Buchanan Street and California Street, San Francisco, CA

4th Street and Harrison Street, San Francisco, CA

24th Street and South Van Ness Avenue, San Francisco, CA

Alemany Boulevard and Putnam Street, San Francisco, CA